Dean the founder of Cryoshower is a serial entrepreneur and mentor with a passion for innovation. He draws on his decades of experience and his life changing injury, to develop technology and products that will improve the lives of people across the globe.


Paul is 42 and is a Co-founder of the Cryoshower. He spent 9 years in the British Army, 5 of those were spent serving in the Airborne Forces which is the British Army’s Rapid Reaction Force.

Following a serious motorcycle accident in 2001, which resulted in the Amputation of his leg and damaged his arm and required several operations. Paul was medically discharged from the Army in September 2003. Paul went on to retrain as an Architectural Technologist and worked in this field for the next 13 years, before working for Cryoshower.

Prior to the Accident Paul was a keen sportsman, competing in Football and Rugby, the loss of competitive sports was a major setback in Pauls recovery. Paul started to compete again first in Golf where he Captained the Great British Veterans team in 2017 in the Simpson Cup against a team from the USA, Paul then started to train Jiu-jitsu and has competed in Able-bodied competitions.


Wayne, 33 the youngest of the Cryo brothers. Growing up Wayne started gymnastics at 7 years old and trained 20 hours a week at age 14 he asked to represent the Great Britain gymnastics team and would continue to compete at international level until he was 20 years old gaining World and European medals.

After competing Wayne used his skills to get hired by the World renown Cirque Du Soleil. For the last 12 years he has performed in 3 of the shows in Las Vegas gaining recognition within the company. He is still performing a speciality act in the show Zumanity.

Wayne has also used his experience and knowledge to help people in the fitness industry, he has articles in Mens health UK and Mens fitness France. In 2020 Wayne competed on the Dwayne Johnsons (‘the rock’) TV show ‘The Titan Games’ in which represented the West region making it to the regional finals. Wayne is currently training 5-6 days a week whilst performing 470 shows a year. With this amount of work and stress he puts on his body recovery is most important to keep his performance at optimal level. The Cryoshower will be a vital part in his daily recovery.


After graduating Clare joined the world of FMCG working in increasingly senior roles for Tesco, Coca-Cola and Kraft. She then moved to support start up companies. She has decades of experience launching products & services around the world.


Heather Linden is the Director of Physical Therapy for the UFC, and the professional athlete consultant for CryoShower worldwide. Prior to joining the UFC, Heather worked at the United States Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Division and was the Director of an outpatient orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles.


Years combined experience


Sports backgrounds


Years Recovery



Combining our experience

The CryoShower team has broad experience of the multi-functional capabilities required to bring such an innovative product range to market, as well as a number of decades focused on improving personal sports and recovery performance. Their broad experience gives a sense of grounding as well as the proven delivery of what it takes to get a successful business and outstanding products to market.   

Collectively they are a formidable team.

Our Story



Expected delivery date for CryoShower Plus.

JUNE 2021

Expected delivery date for CryoShower standard.


Kickstarter launched, Heather appointed, Website completed & Specialists commissioned.

August 2020

Filming withy ambassadors for Kickstarter platform.

July 2020

Visual model completed.

June 2020

Clare appointed.

April 2020

First prototype built.

March 2020

Consumer research completed.

February 2020

Concept proven Wayne & Paul appointed.

August 2019

Product design agency commissioned.

June 2019

CryoShower brand was registered & trade mark filed. CryoShower patent filed.

May 2019

Idea of enhancing cold showers was born.


Become Part of Our story

We are looking for passionate athletes worldwide, who know the importance of recovery through their own story and experience, we’d like to support them to get them to the next level and share their recovery journey using CryoShower, please get in touch.